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[The feed blinks on as the PCD drops out of Sephiroth's coat pocket. The coat that Sephiroth is no longer wearing; the video catches him throwing it over a gravestone, hiding it from sight. The stone, of course, is only one out of a number he almost finds surprising. The names on them, however, are not surprising at all.

Angeal Hewley. Genesis Rhapsodos. Zack Fair. Faramis Gast. Lucrecia Crescent. Vincent Valentine.

All from his own world, with dates in Gaia's calendar. All people who have been important in his old life, even if he only found out about Vincent and Lucrecia here. But there are more stones, with more names that have nothing to do with his world.

Unohana Retsu. Gaignun Kukai Jr. Albedo Piazzola. Ulquiorra Cifer. Tsukino Usagi.

You get no prize for guessing what name is on the stone Sephiroth covered up.

His own grave is there, too, a monument topped with a guardian angel statue. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the statue seems to be missing a wing. There are three sets of dates inscribed on it, though on the third set, both dates are the same. He's already watched himself die at Cloud Strife's hands far more than could possibly be healthy for anyone, though not looking at the dates isn't any better thanks to the damn hallucinations. Listening to the bullshit spouted by his insane self is slightly less than entertaining.]

You betrayed Mother. [More voices speaking to him that no one else could hear.]

Jenova is not my mother and you are an abomination. I would almost consider these mercy killings if Strife were not such an ass.

[Despite the defiant words, Sephiroth looks more tired and depressed than anything, and the feed blinks out as he sits down by the covered grave.]
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[Theoretically, with Madara's power broken and he himself sealed, everyone should be back to normal. However, most of 'everyone' does not have an opportunistic alien virus lurking in the back of their minds waiting for a moment of weakness.

A moment of weakness like, say, most of a week spent with their free will suppressed.

So when the feed from Sephiroth's retrieved PCD blinks on, it's displaying a Sephiroth only one person here has seen before. A Sephiroth with a single black wing arching from his right shoulder, the sky as his backdrop, and a look of disdain and simmering malice on his face.]

Hmph. This place... Madara may be content to attempt to rule in Hell, but I am not. Mother is calling me. She wishes for my return. I will go to her...

[Sephiroth swings his sword several times, sending arcs of blue-white energy hurtling downward. While it doesn't show up on the feed, a luckily already derelict building in the city crumbles under the assault.]

If I must turn this worthless, soulless planet into rubble to do so.


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